Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Our cuddly little visitor!

We recently had a visitor come to stay.  Our five year old brought home his class bear from school, Billy Bear.  The idea is that each child in the reception class has a chance to take Billy Bear home for a weekend  and the child takes him with them out and about.  Imagine the excitement when Billy Bear arrived with his little rucksack, own wellies, raincoat and rain hat.  The other two boys were so excited and the three of them spent ages dressing Billy in his outfits.  His first day with us Billy Bear was treated to a shopping trip to Asda 36 miles away and as he was such a good little bear he was allowed to have a MacDonald's with the boys.
On the Sunday it was Trystan's turn to go and help his Dadcu (grandad) with his bees.  My dad started keeping bees just over a year ago and now has 3 hives.  Every weekend the older two boys take it in turn to help him tend the hives.  Trystan wanted to take Billy Bear with him as he thought he would like to see the bees and maybe try some of their honey.  
Trystan got into his bee keeping suit on he and Billy Bear went down to the hives with Dadcu.  The bee keeping suit that you can see Trystan  wearing in the photo's is an all in one with a built in hat and Vail to stop the bees stinging him.  Before they could open the hives Dadcu used his smoker to calm the bees down so it would be safe to open them.  He then carefully lifted out each frame to check for brood.  Brood are the embryo or egg of the honey bee.  Billy helped to check each frame.  He was very brave and didn't mind the bees at all. 

Tystan and Billy then helped to look for signs of a Queen Bee in each of the three hives.  A Queen Bee is an adult female and she is the mother of most of the bees in the colony.  Dadcu carefully cleaned the excess wax from each frame in turn before replacing them back in the hive.  After about an hour they had finished checking all the hives and it was time to change out of their suits.
It was quite a warm day so I made them all lovely cold drinks but Billy wanted honey instead.  As he had been such a helpful bear Dadcu gave him a jar of honey.  Billy took the jar and thanked Dadcu for such an interesting afternoon and went to sit in the shade with his honey.  That is where we found him sleeping half an hour later with an empty honey jar next to him, what a greedy little bear!  
We certainly all had a lovely weekend with Billy Bear, I wonder where his next adventure will take him.

Babble Bib

I was recently sent a Babble Bib to review with Rowan.  When the babble bib arrived it was a lovely white with black strips.  I was impressed at how soft it felt and Rowan immediately wanted to know what it was.  I explained to him it was to help keep his clothes dry when he was dribbling.  Rowan's currently cutting his molar's and although he is not dribbling constantly, he does more so when he's concentrating, eating or trying to talk.  It can be a bit of a battle ground getting Rowan to wear a bib at times and in some respect he is abit old to wear them.  So the Babble bib seemed the perfect solution as it does not look like a traditional bib and is available in a range of funky patterns.  Which makes them appealing to both child and parent.  As Rowan was initially a bit unsure about wearing the bib I decided to put it on his reindeer to show him.  I think the reindeer looked quite sweet in the babble bib.  Rowan thought it was funny but suddenly wanted to put the babble bib on himself and that was it.  After that he happily put on the bib even when not eating.   

We've used the babble bib for a fortnight now and I have to say it has 
been a god send, keeping Rowan's chest dry.  As he has had a few colds lately the last thing I wanted was his clothes wet all the time.  
He's even worn his babble bib when dressing up as cowboys and Indians with his brothers.  
I have been impressed at how well the babble bib has washed so well, no stains even after lasagna. I think the babble bib is becoming a firm favourite here.  I also like the fact that the babble bib is suitable from 3 months to 3 years of age and they also have a larger size that is suitable from 3 years to about 10 year of age.  
The babble bib costs £3.99 each but if you buy ten or more they cost £2.80 each. They are also made in the UK.  If you would like further information or would like to buy a babble bib please visit                                                                                                    

Monday, 27 June 2011

Baby Nose-Clear Nasal Aspirator

At the same time I was sent the Baby Nose-clear Room Vapour I was also sent the Baby Nose-Clear Nasal Aspirator.  However it has taken a little more time to get to grips with the Baby Nose-Clear Nasal Aspirator.  This was mainly due to a fidgety toddler though.  I can see having used the nasal aspirator that it is ideal for younger children as they are easier to hold while using it.  I like the fact that the nasal aspirator is available on prescription which is a great help for parents.  I was sent the new Baby Nose-Clear Nasal Aspirator that comes in a handy carry case which retails at £8.49.  
The first time I tried to use it Rowan was a bit taken aback by the nasal aspirator I think he must have been thinking, "what is she doing now!" and he tried to grasp it several times.  So I gave up. A few days later I decided to attempt to use the nasal aspirator again.  This time Rowan allowed me to use the aspirator to clear one nostril but got a bit fed up and wanted to play instead.  If Rowan were a bit younger it would have been easy to use the nasal aspirator but at present he is not fussed on it.  I have however shown it to a couple of friends with younger babies and explained if they ask their doctor they can get it on prescription.  I found it easy to clean after using it and the carry case meant it could be stored easily.

The Baby Nose-Clear Nasal Aspirator can be used from birth.  The information I had with the Nasal Aspirator says
"when mucus is runny and tacky the aspirator will suck it right out.  But if the mucus is dry and crusty we do no recommend using a little saline in the nose.  Once this has moistened the mucus you can use the nasal aspirator to clear the nose."  
The information from 4 little 1 also provides the following information:
"Only use the aspirator when the mucus is visible as the base of the nostril.  Target the mucus with the aspirator.  
Use the aspirator before a feed and as part of the bedtime routine.
The suction is deliberately designed to be gentle but sufficient enough to do the Job safely.
Hold the mouthpiece between your teeth if necessary to leave your hands free to comfort and secure your baby.
The while aspirator can be easily opened to wash in warm soapy water, including the reusable filter.  You only need to sterilize if using between babies.  It Can be sterilized using your preferred method and to manufacturers guidelines.  
Please ensure that the filter is bone dry before using again as tiny water particles can block the precision holes in the filter."

If you would like any further information please visit 


Baby Nose-clear Room Vapour

We've just spent the last four weeks off and on between the three boys full of cold.  So when I was asked if I would like to review 4 little 1's Baby-nose clear room vapour I jumped at the chance.  We've used vapour rubs and capsules before with the boys but they have never really provided enough relief to enable a full nights sleep.  So I thought the room vapour was worth a go. 
First night we used the room-vapour I decided to put a few drops on Rowan's damp towel over the radiator.  Rowan was interested to see what I had put on his towel so after showing him the bottle and telling him it was to help him sleep, he cuddled down for his story.  Rowan seemed to fall asleep easily which in itself was a miracle.  I took the opportunity to get some rest myself thinking he would be waking up again soon.  In fact six hours later Rowan woke up and seemed to be happier in himself.  Fantastic but I was unsure if this would be a one off.  Trystan came home from school with a slight cold that afternoon so we decided to put the room vapour his room that night as well as Rowan's.  Again I put a few drops on damp towels over the boys radiator's, both fell asleep quickly.  Rowan did wake after about 4 hours but this was still better than he would normally do when full of cold.  Trystan seemed to just have a sniffle when he woke up, I think using the Room-Vapour early on it stopped things developing.  I actually quite liked the fragrance given off from the room vapour, I found it quite relaxing.
We have used the Room-Vapour drops a few times now, as well as putting on a damp towel over a radiator we have put a few drops in a bowl of warm water on a radiator.  We were quite impressed to how much relief the Room-Vapour gave to the boys and will continue to use them.  

The Baby-nose Clear Room Vapour retails at £7.14 which may seem expensive but they last a long time as you only need a few drops each time.  It is suitable for use with babies/children from birth.  The Baby-nose Clear Room Vapour is made from a blend of 100% pure essential oils which have natural decongestant, antibacterial and calming properties.      
According to the directions on the packaging the room vapour can be used by:  
a)using a small bowl of water on a wide topped radiator
b)place a few drops on a damp cloth on a radiator.
c) add to a humidifier - follow manufacturer's instructions.  For more information please visit

Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Munchkin Organic Bathrobe

Rowan was very kindly sent a My Munchkin Organic Bathrobe last weekThe Bathrobe has Bear footprints on much to Rowan's delight, as soon as he saw the Bathrobe he was meowing at it.  I think he thought the bear footprints were cat paw prints!  I suppose you can't blame him as we have six cats.  That night at bath time Rowan quickly carried his bathrobe into the bathroom and put it on the radiator.  After his bath Rowan looked so snug and warm in his bathrobe.  It certainly felt lovely and soft to me.  Since the first night Rowan has used his bathrobe every time he has had a bath and we also took it with us when we went swimming at my mother-in-laws caravan.  It was a good size to fit in our swimming bag and kept him really warm while I helped his brother's change.
The My Munchkin Organic Bathrobe is available in 12 - 36 months and in a choice of two motifs, Bear footprint or Frog footprint.  The My Munchkin Organic Bathrobe is made from 100% Pure Organic Cotton, it has a sewn in belt.  Which is great as means you do not need to worry about loosing the belt or your toddler hurting themselves with it by falling over it.  Additionally the bathrobe has a hood which helps keep your little one lovely and warm.  The My Munchkin Organic Bathrobe retails at £29.99  which I think is great value for money as one size fits toddlers from the age of 12 months until 3 years old. 

If you would like more information regarding My Munckin's Organic Bathrobe or to order one please visit 

I thought you might be interested to know that My Munchkin currently have a 48 hour exclusive offer:

My Munchkin Organic Baby Towel and Organic Bath Robe offer VALID for 48 HOURS ONLY! Don't miss out!
Get your newborn gift/baby towel for ONLY £9.99 (usually £24.99- Saving £15.00) and your bathrobe for ONLY £14.99 (usually £29.99 saving £15.00)

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hauck 3D Parasol - Winnie the Pooh

Hauck 3D Parasol Winnie the Pooh.  Imagine my delight when I was asked to review one of Hauck's Disney 3D Parasols.  I'm a huge Disney fan and seem to have passed on my love of all things Disney to my son's much to my husbands disbelief!  I was sent the Winnie the Pooh 3D Parasol.  I couldn't wait to try it out with Rowan.  Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and we had to wait a whole ten days before we got the chance.  At the first glimmer of sun today we were out for a walk to put the parasol through its paces.  
I've previously had problems getting parasols to stay on our pushchair  so I was really pleased that the 3D parasol was easy to attach and stayed in place once positioned.  We certainly got peoples attention with this lovely parasol.  I noticed a few people drive passed us smiling.  The parasol provided a good amount of shade for Rowan without my having to adjust.  I'm looking forward to using this fun parasol throughout the summer.

This great 3d parasol also comes in other Disney favourite characters - Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Piglet and Tiger and they retail at £18.99.  Each parasol has a universal locking mechanism which means they fit tubing of up to 3.5cm and fit a variety of pushchairs.  If you would like more information please visit

Win your Perfect Day with Perfectly Clear Spring Water

Have you ever thought about what your perfect day would be?  Mine would have to be a day with my family and friends.  We would be in a meadow surrounded by buttercups and there would be a bouncy castle and traditional fair rides for the children and a soft play and ball pit area.  There would be hot air balloon rides for those that wanted to enjoy the views from up high.  There would be a table set up with board games like operation, connect 4 and monopoly were we could all join in together.  There would also be a  marque with lots of soft comfortable beanbags/cushions to relax in and we would have our own chef who would provide lots of delicious  foods and drink.  We would stay and watch the sun set and then have a huge firework display.  Would your perfect day be similar to mine? Maybe you would go to Disney Land, a celebrity resturant, horse riding or a westend musical.  What ever your perfect day is it could become a reality with Perfectly Clear's Perfect Day competition

To celebrate the start of summer, Perfectly Clear flavoured spring water has recently launched a competition to Win your Perfect Day worth £1,500 for one lucky person.  
To be in with a chance of winning your once in a life time perfect day visit 
and describe your perfect day in no more than 150 words.  There is also a chance to win hundreds of prizes in the weekly draw.  These prizes include days out vouchers and luxury British Hampers.  On all current Perfectly Clear products you will find a promotional code that you need to enter on the website.  You can also follow them on twitter @perfectly_clear 
The Perfect Day is open until 14th August 2011.

Perfectly Clear is a UK based flavoured spring water brand, they are kindly sending me some of their flavoured spring water to review so keep your eyes peeled for my review coming soon.  But I wanted to share their great competition with you now so that you all get a chance to enter.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Tears at Bedtime

Why is it so hard putting our children to bed?! Its a constant battleground with stamping feet, "your mean" , "five more minutes" comments.  Could someone please explain to my sons that it's bedtime....
Ive just caught my five year old laid across the stairs craning to watch the TV when he's supposed to be in bed.  I'd just happened to go downstairs to get a cup of tea and as the landing and stairs are in the dark, nearly fall over him!  "come on, bedtime" I told him.  Only to have him respond "That's not fair I want to watch the film".  Now this has followed a previous hour long routine before bedtime.  Tea, TV, bath time, drinks and bed, so why oh why isn't he in bed?  I'm tired, he and his brother have been up since 6.15am much to the shock of their poor grandmother.  Where do they get the energy I'd like to know because I could seriously do with some.  So I shooed him off the stairs and into his bedroom only to discover his older brother was also out of bed.  Why can't they just go to bed without this game, surely their tired.  I know I am and just want to crawl into bed with a cup of tea and watch some TV before bed, ready to start again tomorrow. 
To top it off the youngest thinks this game is great fun and proceeds to run in and out of his brother's room laughing and generally winding the older two up further.  I've just spent an hour and a half ironing the previous weeks laundry and I'm not about to play games with the boys.  So I bundle them back into their beds and reminded them it was school in the morning and if they didn't go to sleep they wouldn't have the energy to learn new things and play with their friends.  Both laid down and I left their bedroom to "sorry mummy, night night".  Now lets hope that's an end to it and they go to sleep.  The youngest was now changed and waiting to be fed so I clambered into bed to obliged.  Its certainly time's like this I'm happy to be still breastfeeding as I've an excuse to cuddle in bed and watch TV while feeding.  
Ten minutes later my youngest is asleep, ah peace and me time at last!  How wrong was I!  I don't know what it was but something caught my eye in my dressing table mirror.  So I went to the door and who do you think was sitting there watching the TV round the corner?! My five year old.  I couldn't believe it, it's now 9pm and he was sent to bed at 7pm.  So why is he still awake?  The eldest is finally asleep and so's the youngest, so why not him?  Surely he's tired now.  I asked "what's the matter?"   "I want a cuddle", so I gave him a cuddle and told him "It's bedtime, come on now, you'll be so tired in the morning".  With head hung and that bottom lip pouting he retreated to his bed.    I settled back down with a cup of tea to watch a little more TV.  Half an hour later I decided I'd better check on the boys, what a relief finally sleeping.  So that record bedtime took a grand total of three hours.  Surely there's easier ways of getting them to bed?
As I've said we do have a routine and usually on a weeknight it includes a bedtime story.  Granted we have let them stay up a little later than usual due to the light nights but I know we're not alone in doing that.  Sometimes we go for a walk on the beach before tea and let the boys run of some energy but its not practical every night.  My mum will ring on an evening and will hear the boys running around and will want to know why their still awake.  After all she never had this problem when I and my siblings were younger!  So helpful mum! Then she'll continue to tell me it's our own fault because we would stay with them until they were sleeping.  "You've made a rod for your own backs" she'll say.  We have tried the controlled crying routine as well as others and to be honest they just didn't work for us.  We hated the boys getting worked up and distressed so much they'd make themselves sick.  We really don't like the thought of them going to sleep upset either.  But realistically we can't sit with them for hours on end each night either.  The older two have also tried sleeping in separate rooms so they don't disturb each other but that didn't last long.  So currently each night is hit and miss as to whether the boys go to sleep when their supposed too or not. 

Friday, 17 June 2011

Does your Nursery or Pre-School need Dora's Help?


Does your Nursery or Pre-School need Dora's Help?  Nickolodean's leading pre-school channel Nick Jr has recently announced the launch of the Help Dora Help campaign.  The Princes Foundation for Children and Art are supporting the Help Dora Help campaign, together they are aiming to bring exploration to life in nurseries and pre-schools across the uk.  
Each nursery or pre-school will recieve a free activity pack which contains educational activity resources and also the chance to apply for a grant of up  to £20,000.  
The free activity pack, developed by Nick Jr. education experts, follows the Early Years Foundation Stage development goals and provides stimulating learning opportunities with the theme of Dora the Explorer’s adventures. It contains six activity session plans, a practitioner’s guide and other teaching aides to encourage pre-schoolers to use their imagination, solve problems and develop their sense of physical adventure.
The award fund allows pre-schools and nurseries to apply for a grant of up to £20,000 for educational and learning purposes. Runners up will be awarded discovery and learning equipment packages and Dora the Explorer will visit a selection of the successful nurseries. There will also be the opportunity for the nurseries to be featured on Nick Jr. 
Tina McCann, MD Nickelodeon UK, said: “As a broadcaster dedicated to offering pre-school audiences the best entertaining and educational content, we’re delighted to continue our support of pre-school education in the community with Help Dora Help. The campaign mirrors the very essence of what Dora the Explorer and Nick Jr. offer children - early years development and personal discovery.”

Nurseries and pre-schools can apply for the free Help Dora Help Activity Pack and Award Fund at and for further information please go to

Closing date for applications is 22nd July . Applications received on or before this date will be posted on the Nick Jr. website gallery before being reviewed in August by a judging panel, which includes a representative from The Princes Foundation for Children and the Arts, Nick Jr. presenter Helena Dowling, education and parenting expert Collete Ford and Nickelodeon management. A shortlist of five nurseries and pre-schools will be selected who will be approached to take part in filming a Help Dora Help clip to be shown on the Nick Jr. channel and website throughout October with viewers invited to vote for their favourite nursery to win the funding. 

Monday, 13 June 2011

My Breastfeeding Journey

With Breastfeeding Awareness week fast approaching (19th June to 26th June 2011) I thought I'd share my experiences of breastfeeding.  Bare with me though as its a long one and not nice in places!
When I found out I was expecting my eldest son, once the initial shock had worn off I was adamant I was going to breastfeed.  I remember sitting in an antenatal appointment and being asked if I'd decided how I was going to feed baby when he/she arrived.  I proudly told the midwife that I was going to breastfeed of course! She asked why I was going to do so and I told her that my mother had breastfed four children and I didn't want to be fussing with bottles and formula etc.  Four months later after a long labour resulting in an emergency c-section, I was so overcome with tiredness and the buzz of having a baby but quickly asked for help to get my son to latch on.  What a good boy I thought as he latched on first time without much encouragement, this is going to be a breeze!  Twenty four hours later once I had been moved on to postnatal from high dependency I started feeling really sick and started vomiting.  Try as I might I couldn't stop and to make matters worse every time I held my baby to feed him it made me vomit.  I didn't know what to think and neither did the midwifes or consultant, I was reacting to the epidural I had had for the section or did I have an infection.  Endless rounds of bloods were taken.  This wasn't supposed to be what having a new baby was like surely, I remember drifting off to sleep and then being woken by my then fiance asking if I wanted to feed our son.  I remember smiling at him and saying take me home please and trying to take the baby from him, then the next thing I remember waking up again with a student midwife sat next to me with the baby.  She explained I'd passed out again and that the consultant was coming for a chat.  Then I noticed she was giving my baby a bottle.  What?why? I couldn't understand why she was giving my baby a bottle, I was breastfeeding.  She quickly explained I had been really ill and that I hadn't been able to feed baby myself for the last couple of days so the decision had been taken to give him a bottle as he needed to be fed.  Disappointed just didn't cover the way I was feeling at that moment.  The consultant arrived and continued to explain I had been asleep off and on for the best part of 4 days and hadn't been able to tolerate any fluids or solids.  I then had to endure a nasal gastric tube to see if that would remedy the problem.  What a horrific experience.  Laying there in bed I felt so useless, here I was having had a baby five days earlier and I didn't remember much about it and to top it off there was this resentment that he had made me so ill.  That evening when my fiance and his brother came to visit (his brother is a microbiologist but had been away when Id had baby)  My brother in law told me I had to keep something down or I wouldn't be allowed home and that because I wasn't married to his brother he was getting very little information from the staff about the situation. That was it I got the ward telephone and rang my parents who lived an hour away, my mum was shocked when she heard what was going on, she know Id been ill but didn't realise the extent of the problem.  While my mum contacted the consultant (mums a now retired nurse) my brother in-law suggested things I should be able to drink and tolerate.  Then finally after almost a week in hospital I was going home.  The breastfeeding advisor had visited me before I was discharged and talked me through the process of re-establishing breastfeeding once home, great I was going to be able to breastfeed after all.  Within an hour of getting home I was tolerating solids and felt human again all be it traumatised from the whole experience.  My mum arrived the following day and set about trying to help me breastfeed but despite her and my efforts my son just did not want to fed.  After a further week of trying endlessly to breastfed, sore, cracked nipples and a very fretful baby I reluctantly admitted defeat.  My fiance tried to reassure me it wasn't my fault and that our son needed to be fed but deep down I felt so devastated Id failed at breastfeeding and giving my son what I believed the best start.  So as you can see not a fantastic experience of breastfeeding.
When eight months later I discovered I was pregnant again, a sense of dread filled me, surely I wouldn't have the same experience again?  One thing I knew though was that if anything did happen this time I was now married so my husband would be able to have more control over the situation compared to last time.  I had fantastic midwifes who spent hours reassuring me everything would be okay and that I had the same chances of being able to breastfeed as anyone else.  My husband was not to sure but kept quite, he knew how determined to breastfeed I was this time.  I opted to try for a vbacmother-in-law and asked her to come and see me.  By the time she arrived half an hour later I was so worked up, trying not to be sick which believe me took some doing.  With the help of my mother-in-law I managed to discharge myself that day and get home.  Just like the first time within an hour of getting home I was feeling myself and eating/drinking without vomiting.  Relived is not the word and the added bonus I had done it, I was still breastfeeding my son.  Over the following weeks I discussed my birth experiences with both family, friends and midwife/health visitor and I came to the conclusion I just did not do well in hospital!  Anyway I quickly settled into breastfeeding, although I had a few experiences of sore and bleeding nipples, oh and mastitis which I'm very proud to say I managed to fed through without the aid of antibiotics.  I continued to successfully breastfed my second son until he was 18 months old when he more or less self weened.  This second experience was so much closer to the one I had imagined when I was pregnant with my first son.  I loved the feeling of cuddling up in bed with my son and feeding him while watching TV or just having a cuddle together.  I discovered that co-sleeping with my son made breastfeeding at night so much more manageable and also meant I didn't disturb my husband getting in and out of bed.  We took all the precautions for co-sleeping to ensure our son was safe.  Then when he was ready to stop feeding we did, although it just happened to co inside with our moving back to west wales and my returning to work.  To be honest it couldn't have been a better time to stop breastfeeding.  
I'm currently still breastfeeding my youngest son who's 23 months old and all is going well despite a few people telling me enough is enough now!  This time I had a elective c-section due to my previous two and all the way through the pregnancy I told everyone I saw that I would be discharging myself 24 hours after birth due to previous problems I had experienced.  All assured me that would be fine, so I relaxed and tried to enjoy the pregnancy as much as possible.  What a different experience the actual birth was compared to the first two, so calm and relaxing.  I tried to relax and enjoy my new son while on the high dependency unit and spoke to several midwifes and consultant to remind them I was discharging myself after 24 hours.  Then the following day while everyone was being moved to the postnatal ward it became apparent they were going to move me too.  I spoke with the midwife in charge and explained I was discharging myself which she was not happy about.  At which I was left on the high dependency unit while expectant mums were arriving for their planned sections,without any help and made to feel I had done something wrong.  My husband and older sons arrived to meet their baby brother for the first time and wanting to get us home to find me distressed and in pain.  The consultant arrived, the same one I had seen throughout my pregnancy and tried to make me feel guilty about leaving despite having told me it would be fine previously.  There was no medical reason to keep me there and my history showed I had experienced complications from remaining in hospital so why couldn't she let me go?  Anyhow I'm procrastinating now, apologies... I managed to get home that afternoon and continue breastfeeding which was my ultimate goal.  So now I'm 23 months in this time and little man is showing no sign of stopping anytime soon!  Myself and my husband joke about it going to be something out of the Little Britain sketch at this rite!  Sometimes I do think I'm going to wean him off the breast but these are times when I'm exhausted or run down.  But once settled in bed at night having a cuddle and little man feeding happily to sleep I think why stop, he's content and healthy and I love having the excuse to stop and just sit with him while he feds.  After all I'm not harming anyone am I?  I know my husband often remarks to both our son and I, asking when will he get my breast back! but is there really any need to yet?  
In the last 18 months Ive actively become involved with establishing my local breastfeeding support group at the local children's centre and have recently completed the Association Of Breastfeeding Mother's Mother Supporter Module, I'm just waiting for the results now.  I even got screen for donating to a milk bank which unfortunately due to bad weather and logistics didn't work out.  But ultimately I'm proud of myself for my breastfeeding success.  Ultimately breastfeeding I think is personal to the individual and there is no right or wrong way to breastfeed or length of time you should breastfeed for.  Its your body, your choice but having support and places you can go for information and to meet other breastfeeding mother's really does make a difference to your experience. 

Thursday, 9 June 2011

A question of teeth!

Why is it that as parents we seem to be ruled by our children's teeth?  My youngest is still teething and out of the three boys has been by far the worst when it comes to teething.  He's touchy, clingy, demanding and fussy!  This whole teething palaver is never ending in our house at the moment.  There is 17 months between my older two sons and all I remember about them teething is that they both seemed to go through it at the same time, one endless process.  Like all parents I turned to my mum and friends for guidance to see us through this stage.  I can't tell you how many products we tried to sooth the boys sore gums, who knew there were so many out there!  Well the older two finally came through the otherside and I felt confident that both myself and my husband had conquered teething....  Que youngest son and what a different story.  Now I know all children are different blah blah, we're constantly told by health visitors, dr's and numerous other people but having had a relatively smooth ride with the older two I thought and obviously wrongly that the third time would be a walk in the park. Endless hours have been spent off and on over the last 18 months trying to pacify and often pandering to our youngests every whim, and boy have there been some!  We're supposed to be older and wiser and have loads of experience so im told.... so why has it been so hard to cope with teething this time round?
We've stuck to our tried and tested products we used with the older two and although to a degree they have provided some comfort for extremely short periods of time, they have not seemed to have provided our son with the respite he craves from the pain of teething.  I find both myself and my husband seem to pander more to what he wants than we ever did with his brothers or is that just nature's way putting rose tinted glassed on my memory of events.  Whatever it is I know I long for some unbroken sleep and some respite from the joys of teething.  I was hoping that the whole teething journey was approaching an end, our youngest is cutting the last of his molars.   So we're waiting with baited breath for it to make an appearance so we can all relax.   But no, now we have a different issue with teeth!  Two nights ago our eldest who's almost 7 years old, lost his first tooth.  How exciting, I hear you say.  Yes but now this brings a whole set of other problems.  Firstly the question of the tooth fairy visiting and removing said tooth and leaving in its place money!  How much does the toothfairy leave, bearing in mind these hard economic times.  I thought the toothfairy who visited our son was very generous at leaving £1.  But having chatted with other mums the last two days, it appears the going rate is approx £3 a tooth!  Which leds to the next problem ensuring my son does not find this fact out and see it as a great money making scheme!,  He has two other wobbly teeth and im spending what seems like every five minutes telling him to leave them alone and that'll they'll come out when ready.   Im just hoping that our middle son does not start lossing teeth anytime soon or it's going to be expensive!  So for now it looks like we're stuck in the cycle that is teething and it does'nt look like its going to end anytime soon!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Peter Rabbit Organics - organic juice drinks

With the warm weather making a welcome appearance here I was pleased to have the opportunity to review some Peter Rabbit Organics, Organic Juice drinks.  Rowan (23 months) is quite fussing when it comes to drinks, he will quite often try a drink but not really drink much despite being encouraged by the rest of the family.  Rowan is still breastfed although we have cut down dramatically in the last few weeks and I'm trying to encourage him to drink other things.  He was immediately drawn to the eye catching cartons with their bright colours and image of Peter Rabbit.  We took one along the day after they had arrived to my older children's school sports day.  They were ideal to put in the change bag as each carton is 150ml, so don't take up to much room.  The juices come in three flavours: Apple and Grape, Pear and Blackcurrant and Apple.  I had taken Rowan's usual beaker with me too just in case he wouldn't have a carton but I shouldn't have worried as he happily accepted the carton.  To my surprise Rowan drink almost all the juice (Apple and Blackcurrant) and looked quite pleased with himself.  The following day I took the pear flavour with me to toddlers and again Rowan happily drunk it.  I tried alittle of the juice and thought it quite nice and the flavour was not too strong, just right of little ones.  The last of the three cartons I had been sent was enjoyed in the car while waiting for the older children to finish school.  Overall I think its safe to say that the Peter Rabbit Organic juices were a hit with Rowan and I was pleased that he was actually drinking something without any fuss.  I liked the size of the cartons as they were ideal for toddlers and easy to pop in your change bag for a drink on the go.  I also liked the expendable straw that is included with each carton.  When I give my children drinks I try to buy low-sugar or sugar free drinks and those without preservatives and additives so when I read the ingredients of the Peter Rabbit Organic Juices they ticked all the boxes for me.  But the biggest factor for me was the fact that Rowan drunk them and was happy to do so, so a big thumbs up from me.  The only downside for me is that I can not buy these drinks locally.  The juices are available from Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Booths, Whole Foods, Asda and Ocado and a selection of independent retailers, cafes and delis.  The nearest place I found them was in Asda which is almost 40miles away from where I live.  The juices retail at 55p each which I think is reasonable for an organic juice.  I think I will have to stock up on the juice when I go to asda.  The juices are suitable for children aged six months plus.

Here are the ingredients in the juices:  per 150ml carton
Apple and Grape Juice: Water, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic grape Juice Concentrate and added Vitamin C
Apple and Blackcurrant Juice: Water, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate, Organic Grape juice Concentrate and added Vitamin C.
Pear Juice: Water, Organic Pear Juice, Organic Grape Juice and added Vitamin C.

For more information please visit

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Emma-Jane Nursing Bra Giveaway

Breastfeeding Awareness week is fast approaching, June 19th - 26th June 2011 and Emma-Jane are kindly giving away one of their Next Generation Seamless Nursing Bras, in support of Breastfeeding Awareness week as the Government have cut all funding for this initiative. 
Emma-Jane have kindly given me one of their Next Generation Seamless Nursing Bra 
to giveaway to one lucky lady.  
This Emma-Jane Nursing Bra is a hugely popular Nursing Bra for the following reasons:

-The Ultra Soft Knitted seamfree fit and a soft under-band makes it an exceptionally comfortable choice, while giving great support.
- It only costs £10 which makes Breastfeeding even more affordable!
- You can wear it as a maternity bra, sleep bra and nursing bra - so triple the value! No need to by three separate products.
-It comes in four sizes 32,34,26,38 but just one cup size that fits from B to F so that as breasts change mums don't need to spend a fortune on different size bras.  It just expands or contracts with your breast size.
- It comes in Black, White and Skin colours.

If you would like to have a look at Emma-Jane's range of Bras please do so by visiting  and you can also have a look and follow their blog at 

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning the Next Generation Seamless Bra you must do the following and then comment below (one comment please, include an email address so that you can be contacted if successful) 

1. Follow my blog
2. Sign the petition to get the Government to reinstate funding for Breastfeeding Awareness 
3. 'like' Emma-Jane's Facebook Page
4. For an extra entry please 'Like' my facebook page  and write on my wall  "I want to win a Emma-Jane Next Generation Seamless Nursing Bra with Mum of 3 Boys"
5. Leave a comment on my blog with email address so I know you have completed the steps

You have until Midnight on Sunday June 26th 2011 to enter and a winner will be selected at random and announced as soon as possible.  Good Luck!
                                                      Competition Closed
Here are some comments the Next Generation Seamless Bra has received:

 "I'm expecting a baby in a few weeks time and regular bras were starting to get uncomfortable.  I purchased these and they have been excellent.  They fit well and are really comfortable.  I will be buying some more!" From

"The Emma Jane 361 nursing bra is a pleasure to wear day and night!  Its seamfree and stretchy so very comfortable and discrete under clothing.  Overall I found it to be a quality garment at a great price". Babyworld review

" Love this bra.  Being that the cup size covers from B-F it's great to wear straight after birth as milk supply settles as your size can vary hugely during this time! The ranched center works well and adds nice detail and knitted underband is very comfortable.  It's a great nursing bra in my opinion!" Babyworld review

To avoid disappointment please beware that the Seamless bra is only available in sizes :32,24,36 and 38 and one cup fits from B to F.

                 Thankyou to everyone who entered the giveaway.    The winner is .....

Congratulations to Sarah Anguish.
Sarah please email with the colour (Black,white or Skin),bra size (32,34,36,38) and address and I will get Emma-Jane to send out your prize.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Munchkin Towel

  I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review the My Munchkin Towel.  I had seen the Towel's adevertised on facebook and thought it sounded like a very useful product.  So was really pleased to be asked to review one.  The My Munchkin Towel is 100% Organic Cotton, Anti-Allergenic, wide and luxuriously soft and suitable from birth until 12 months of age.   The towel fastens around mum or dad's neck like a giant bib and enables you to get baby out of the bath without getting yourself wet in the process. Once baby is out of the bath the towel is eaily wrapped around baby with the minimum of fuss.
Although my youngest son is 22 months old and the My Munchkin Towel is aimed at birth to 12 months of age, I found the towel was more than large enough to use with him and he seemed to enjoy been wrapped up and cuddled in it.  I wish I had known about this product when he and my older two were younger as I would have certainly bought this towel.   My Munchkin Towel felt so soft to the touch and I know my son must have enjoyed using it as he would pull it off the raditator when it was bathtime.   I also like the fact the towel comes in its own bag which makes it easy to take swimming or on holiday and once wet can be put back in the bag.  The towel also comes in three colours, white, pink and blue.
For further information on the My Muchkin Towel please visit their website My Munchkin are currently running an offer until June 20th 2011, save 20% when you order online and enter promotional code MUNCH20 and you will recieve a free nursery rhyme cd with your order.