Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What was number 1 in the UK music charts when your baby was born?

I have been tagged by the lovely Mummy Bird to post the number one in the in UK music chart when my babies were born.  I actually have never looked up who was number one on the days my children were born so I'm looking forward to seeing who was.  So here we go....



So these are the number ones the years my children were born, I wonder what will be number one in a fortnight when I have the new baby.  Now I am going to tag some more lovely mummies to so they can also find out what was number one when they had their lovely children:

1. Mummy of 3 Diaries 
2.The Wonderful Adventures of Spud and Spike 
3. Mummy Vs Work 
4. The Blunt Truth 
5.Mum in the Mad House


  1. Thanks for the tag. I'm off to do mine now :-)

  2. Oh I will have to find out what was when the boys were born!

  3. awww I love your songs. :-) especially the ThunderBirds song lol